Please Follow the Procedure below to Create a New Webinar Locker:- 

(please refer to the image below for the respective points representation)

  1. Select page number on which you wan’t to add locker
  2. Select Locker type Webinar integration
  3. Select Go to Webinar or webinar Jam option
  4. Enter Consumer key and click on Get upcoming webinar button
  5. New Window will be ,Enter your account details and click on login button
  6. Click on Refresh button 
  7. Select Your Webinar from up coming webinar drop down list
  8. Select social profile option if required
  9. Select allow user to skip option if you wan’t Close button on locker page
  10. Select ask for name if you wan’t Name Field on locker form page
  11. Enter Header Text n Header text Field
  12. Enter Privacy Text in Privacy Text field
  13. Enter Button Text in Button text field
  14. You Can customise  your text with help of  Font-family, font-style , color and size options
  15. Select Button background Color 
  16. Select Background color for locker from popup background color
  17. Set locker form opacity from Background Opacity
  18. Click on save button to save your locker
  19. Locker has been listed in Added Locker Details Table 
  20. To reset the Locker ,click on Reset Button