How to Install/Embed Leadlock campaign on Facebook Tab?

1) To install leadlock campaign on Facebook tab,First you need Facebook developer app,Use Existing if you have or create new one with the help of

2) Open dashboard page on facebook app, Copy the App Id from App Id field

3Open lead lock application, Open Manage FB App page, paste your app id in Facebook App id field, click on Save button

4) Now ,Go to facebook App setting page, Click On Add Platform

5) Select Page tab option from Select Platform popup window

6) Page tab has been added in your facebook App

7) Now create campaign in leadlock, Go to final preview page

8) On final preview page,Their is an Option4 -Install On Facebook Tab

9) Copy URL which is below Install on Fb tab button

10) Open your facebook app setting page, The page tab which you had created just now, paste campaign url in secure page tab url field which is on page tab and click on save changes button

11) Now, Click on Create Page button in your facebook account

12) Select Brand or product option

13) Select App page Option from choose category drop down list

14 ) Give Name and click on get started button and customise your page upto 4th Step and click on Save button

15) Now ,On final preview page of lead lock , Click on Install on facebook Tab button 

16) On new tab select the pages on which you wan't add page tab from Facebook pages drop down list and click on add page tab button

17) Open your facebook page, On left side panel ,Tab is getting added which contain your Facebook App id name

18) Click on that tab, your campaign pdf has been preview on right side of the facebook page