Please follow the procedure below to start working with Scheduler. 

(Available to Leadlock Diamond Customers only)

How Does a Scheduler Work:- 

1) Scheduler is used to publish post on facebook

2) Click on scheduler which is on left side panel

3) Before publish post to your facebook account,Click on facebook login button which is on footer of the page

4) Now You can publish Text post, image, Link or Video

5) Select option which you wan't to post and fill all details on that page

6) Now select Start date (Date on which you wan't to start publishing your post to facebook account)

7) Enter Send interval in second (Your post will be republish after that time interval which you have entered)

8) In you wan't to repeat post then select Repeat this post untill option and select end date(Your Post will be publish till that date)

9) Click on Delete scheduled post after it's finished posting if you wan't to delete your post after published

10) Now ,In Publish the post to groups , pages option ,Select those pages , groups , managed pages option on which you wan't to publish your post

11) You can also Publish your post to your facebook profile ,groups,liked pages,manages pages option to publish your post

12) After selecting click on Publish post button ,your post will be publish as per date which you are selected