Please Follow the Procedure below to create GoViral Locker:- 

How to Use GoViral Locker

  1. Select page number on which you wan’t to add locker
  2. Select Locker type GoViral
  3. Enter Locker Title text  In Header Text field
  4. Choose Font-family,style,Size,Color for Header text
  5. Select Number of Email Id required to unlock locker (User can unlock locker after entering Email Id’s)
  6. Enter Email template text in Email text editor
  7. Enter Email Signature text in Email Signature Text Editor
  8. This Email is sent to those user whose Email id’s has been entered 
  9. Enter Button Text in Button text field
  10. Choose Font-family,style,Size,Color for button text
  11. Select background color for Button
  12. Select Allow user to skip option if you wan’y close button on locker page
  13. Select Background color for locker from Popup Background Color
  14. Set locker form opacity from Background Opacity
  15. Click on save button to save your locker
  16. Locker has been listed in Added Locker Details Table 
  17. To reset the Locker ,click on Reset Button